Music is the perfect compliment to yoga. They both connect mind, body, and spirit, enriching our lives and helping us experience true joy. That’s why music is an essential part of Jiva Yoga Festival. From well-thought-out playlists for yoga classes to performances by professional musicians, to guitar sing-a-longs by the fire pit, we invite you to refresh your mind, body, and spirit through music.

Larkin Stenz

Larkin Stentz is an American composer, renowned flutist, and author based in Long Beach, Washington. He is known for ambient and new age music, launching his musical career with the album “To the Essence of a Candle,” released in 1978. His most popular album, O’cean, first was released in 1980. 

For 30 years Larkin has performed in concerts around the world. He was the featured soloist at the 3rd World Wilderness Congress held at Findhorn, Scotland, and his music has played on national and international radio programs.

Larkin plays many types of flutes, and each one produces a unique sound. From the crystal clear notes of his silver electric flute to his handcrafted bamboo flutes, each one produces a magical tone. One of Larkin’s most popular albums is Stairway to Emptiness, released late in 2007. The international-themed, meditative production features the soulful songs of “Whale Symphony” and “Infinite Heart.” Another of his albums, “Inside the Astoria Column,” was recorded entirely from inside the historic Astoria Column. The reverberation and resonance of the notes are hauntingly beautiful as they bounce off the walls of the renowned Astoria landmark, creating music that will take your spirit to another place and time.

Russ and Maggie Buchheit

Maggie started to play the mandolin in 2007. She studied for three years under Suze Marshall. She joined and played for three years in the Oregon Mandolin Orchestra.

Russ started to play an acoustic-electric bass in 2005. He soon switched to playing an electric bass exclusively. He at first studied under classical guitarist/bass player Jim Wiley. Timmer Blakely resumed his lessons when Jim died.

Maggie and Russ formed and played for nine years in an eight-piece band near Chapala, Mexico. The band played bluegrass, country, Irish and oldies for open mics and nursing homes.

On April 30, 2021, they moved to Long Beach from Vancouver Washington.

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