There is no better place to deepen your yoga practice and enhance your journey as a yogi than the Long Beach Peninsula. Weather allowing, we will practice yoga outside on the lawn, where we can listen to the birds sings and hear the roar of the Ocean. There will be two instructors at the festival, each with their own unique style and variety. These classes are appropriate for all levels of experience, from beginning to advanced, and there is no additional charge for classes.

Beth Bauer

Beth has traveled the world, visiting over 30 countries in the last  few years, and has brought her enthusiasm for diversity and cultural awareness to the Washington State Long Beach Peninsula where her yoga classes have become an essential part of the community. Beth combines the traditional styles of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin to deliver an unforgettable experience that connects the mind, body, and spirit. Aside from teaching yoga, she still enjoys traveling, is a freelance writer and author, and lives with her dog, Ozzie, in Ocean Park

Keith Rutt

Keith has been practicing yoga since walking into a Bikram hot yoga class in Anchorage, Alaska 9 years ago. He taught the hot 26/2 series for 2 years after completing his teacher training with Evolation Yoga in Buffalo NY. Since then he has taught in VA, PA, and currently lives and teaches in Ocean Park WA. His curiosity and love for yoga has him recently expanding that experience beyond the hot room by exploring and teaching a Baptiste inspired power vinyasa flow class, a yin class, and a restorative class.

He has an enthusiasm and joy for yoga that continues to transform the passing days of life into meaningful moments full of beauty and connection, which expand beyond the mat and the classroom. He believes truly in the quote, “We do not do yoga to get better at yoga. Indeed the goal of yoga is to improve the quality of our lives off of the yoga mat by healing and connecting mind, body, and spirit.”

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